We offer the opportunity for Trustee Boards to review their operation and consider if their current model is fit for purpose. We provide Trustee skill reviews and audits and advise on Board composition and where skills may need building.

We can assist with Trustee recruitment and interviewing and Trustee induction.

We offer a range of development opportunities that are designed to develop the thinking, skills and understanding of members of governing bodies.
The team has been helping and advising heritage and cultural organisations for many years to get better at what they do. Our approach is based on developing others to learn and reflect.

We provide support to organisations developing their governance capacity, skills and succession planning. This work is often undertaken as part of the Heritage Lottery Resilient Heritage Grants, AIM Sustainability Grants, AIM Hallmarks. Clients have included:

• Plant Heritage Trust
• New Forest Centre
• Oxford House
• Severndroog Castle
• National Motor Museum Beaulieu
• Amberley Museum


• Mentoring Boards of Trustees on strategic planning and governance issues
• Reviewing skills and skill gaps
• Training Trustees in fundraising, marketing and staff relations
• Supporting Trustees through masterplanning
• Supporting Trustees through major organisational reviews including membership structure.
• Supporting Trustees through volunteer reviews to improve volunteer retention.